Fleet Management

The use of I-Wire technology allows real time tracking of equipment that covers:

1. Machine hours worked, idle, stood-down, broken and wet weather.
2. Operators Log-On and Off as they move from machine to machine.
3. Operators log Breakdowns, and virtually any event you require to be tracked such as Rain as an example.
4. Fitters log on and off as they go about repairing equipment.
5. The use of Load Cells and Micro Switches enables deliveries to be tracked.

All of the above can be downloaded in csv format or viewed through the Event Register.
This allows VBA to extract a comprehensive report covering most elements of Fleet Management.
Functionality built into the system allows automated notifications to Plant Managers and Project Managers to enable them to monitor repairs and downtime.

Choosing the Fleet Management Option allows access to the Device Map, Event Register Viewer and the Event Register .csv download, and allows multiple Geo-zone Uploads in csv format.
A VBA Module is also supplied and can be easily modified to suit your own requirements.

DBSU use various Devices which include GSM, 2G, 3G, Satellite and upload devices where no communications exist.


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