The DBSU2448 Web Based ERP Solution has been developed to maximize the level of detail that can be tracked in order to report on production and performance in all areas down to ground staff level within 24 hours. DBSU now introduces GPRS and I-Wire technology to allow automated reporting on a host of elements such as change in material being moved, operators log-on and off hours, breakdowns, quality control, potential safety issues, and much more. Control production and costs automatically and take corrective action in time to avoid losses.

With more than 20 available tracking levels, it may sound like a lot of work and discipline required, to provide the system with information. To alleviate this problem, GPRS data and “digital scanning” techniques have been adopted to actually reduce “direct” data input, to a bare minimum, thus reducing staff input. GPRS automated data entry, I-Wire technology, Quality and Process Control, Safety, HR, Environmental and Plant Maintenance are also great functions introduced to reduce input to a minimum.

Our aim is to reduce costs, increase performance, and make administration enjoyable with simple user interfaces and “spreadsheet” styled reports, which most staff are familiar with.

The DBSU2448 system offers complete scalability from simple tracking of equipment to avoid theft through to Forecasting and Financial Reports.

DBSU2448 is exceptionally strong in “forecasting”, has a quick “estimating package” based on actual costs (over various sites and regions of your choice), along with a projected program and cash flow, and the system makes “accruals” an automatic daily affair, and not an “end of month nightmare”. Another good feature is the capability to project asset performance before purchase and then monitor the performance of the asset once the asset is purchased, allowing one to offload “bad” assets before they go “bad”.

DBSU2448 focuses heavily on “Plant Hire and Maintenance” as most mining companies utilize hired plant or have Internal Plant Hire Sections to service the sites.

The daily production and plant utilization elements in this system make it ideal for the Mining Industry.

The DBSU2448 system has proven that profit and teamwork can be increased through fast accurate reporting down to all levels daily.

We hope the examples attached are of some help in explaining the DBSU2448 Mining ERP "Software" System, which we believe is the most automated system available today.


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