View one example of Production tracking on a Mine Site

The DBSU System covers Production in the following ways:

1. Area recognition - Areas (Geo-zones) are set as Cut or Fill zones or Pick-up and Delivery zones.
2. Micro-Switches
3. Load Cell implementation.
4. Multiple Load Cells and on-board Weight Monitor.

Each of the above produce a higher accuracy of out-put but cost more to implement (in the order listed).
This is entirely up to the user.

The end result is what quantity has been moved from A to B, or LOT X to LOT Y in Quality Control terms.

I-Wire can be used to further compliment the detail of out-put.

The Production can be viewed via the following options:
1. Real Time Device Map.
2. Real Time Event Register.
3. Play-back VBA Module with Image overlay or without.
4. Daily Data Report.

Example of Event Register (simplified) without load switch.

Example of Event Register (un-simplified) with load switch

The next sections covering Costing and Financial Reports rely heavily on the accuracy of the Production Out-Put.