Although not all costs are driven through GPS Devices, the system has been developed to utilise the data from GPS and include overheads and other standard daily costs one may expect to encounter on a day to day basis. One can also attach miscellaneous equipment to the equipment fitted with GPS devices so that they are cost coded to the same codes that are applicable.

The system cover machine costs, fuel usage and operator costs every time it sends data to the receiver. This is generally every 15 to 30 seconds.
The system has a built in parameter function which you can control prior to running reports.
This allows interception of the data, and automatic override of default parameters, allowing equipment not fitted with devices and overheads to be tagged to the data streaming in.

This means that you get a comprehensive Report that includes all costs and income. 

Furthermore, there are VBA tools that can add additional support to the reports, and also have the functionality of allowing digitally scanned images to be embedded within the data.

This means, NO MORE FILING or HARDCOPY DOCUMENTS to find when the data is called into question at Variation or Claims stages.