Integrate GPS data into your existing system and reduce administration costs and human error.

Any cash-flow is as only as good as the accuracy of the costing applied to a good Forecast. As DBSU started with Forecasting long before GPS was around, it is our strongest asset.

Most engineers and accountants apply linear forecasts based on expected cost versus income. As all parts of your business or project have profitable items and non-profitable items, one needs to take into consideration the profits and losses based on expected sales of each item across projected periods. In saying this, because you have a varying forecast result every day, it allows fine tuning of what is profitable and what is not profitable, allowing immediate changes to your business on a daily basis.

With daily input from GPS, accurate forecasting is a breeze, and so subsequently, is cash-flow projecting. In fact, accruals is a thing of the past. The data captures daily the creditor costs and sales, and you don't have to go through a month end nightmare of wondering what has been left out.

Automated data is the way the world is moving forward. The administration savings and profit through adequate data support of claims and variations can be the difference between becoming successful or closing down after the "Horse has bolted".

DBSU has always tried to stay ahead with automation, and we believe we are still ahead in a rapidly changing technologically driven world.