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Although DBSU utilizes GPS Tracking for most reports, and DBSU offers Fleet Management as an option, DBSU is not the run of the mill Fleet Management System.

Fleet Management Systems do not report at the level that most Project Managers, Civil Engineers and Accountants require and DBSU has carried out years of research and development to ensure that the devices employed in the DBSU System are adequate for detailed reports needed especially in remote areas. DBSU has also taken I-Wire and Micro-switches to a new level in the reporting offered and has focused heavilly on maintaining good data retention.

DBSU provide Web Based GPRS Project Management Software which includes tracking, forecasting and automated daily reporting to help you make better informed decisions. Being a completely scalable solution, we can help support you with a simple GPRS tracking solution, or supply you with a full solution.

Intergrating GPS reported data into your current system, reduces administration costs and human error.

For a quick review of a simplified 2012 Product Specification - click here.

The DBSU2448 System has been designed to create numerous automated reports that include Production, Costing, Financial Reports, and Quality Control to list only a few. Using GPRS technology, Digital Scanning and the latest I-Wire technology, almost 90% of the Reports are automated. 

The DBSU2448 system covers:

  1. Safety Tracking.

  2. Security Tracking.

  3. Equipment & Fleet Management. (A few examples attached here)

  4. Production Control. (An example of a Screen Shot on a Mine Site or Construction Site.)

  5. Cost and Income.

  6. Creditor Control.

  7. Control of all other resources including Overheads, Sub-Contractors, Materials, Miscellaneous equipment and Labour.

  8. Forecasting and Financial Statements.

  9. Pay-Roll.

  10. Asset Management.

  11. Digital Document Control on all of the above including automated email notifications.

  12. Estimating.

Find Out More - read our Software Product Specification Extract

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